Our Goals: Reliable, Accountable, & More

  1. To responsibly and sustainably manage Pittsburgh’s water for the next 12 years, and well beyond 2030

  2. To provide safe, reliable water 24/7/365 to our customers and to provide them with excellent customer service

  3. To renew and upgrade our drinking water, stormwater, and sewer infrastructure to exceed all compliance standards

  4. To prioritize public health and replace all lead service lines

  5. To make water service accessible, through customer assistance to our lower-income customers and continue a moratorium on winter water shut-offs

  6. To be accountable, accessible, and fully transparent to our customers

  7. To fairly and equitably charge each customer based on their usage of our system

  8. To be a valued regional environmental steward of our most precious resource – water

Water in the Highland Park Reservoir

Water in the Highland Park Reservoir