Plan Details

In addition to the information on this website and the print version of the 2030 plan, further detail's about PWSA’s plans for the future are found in documents previously submitted to the Pennsylvania Utility Commission. Read more on PWSA’s plans for compliance, regulation, infrastructure planning, and customer assistance below. While documents developed at the PUC’s request are technical, they offer important insight into PWSA’s infrastructure and compliance plans.


Long Term Infrastructure Improvement plan (LTIIP)

PWSA submitted this Long Term Infrastructure Improvement Plan to the PUC in September 2018. Some of the infrastructure in the PWSA system is quite old. An aggressive infrastructure improvement plan will help increase service reliability.



PWSA submitted this plan on how it was going to bring the Authority into full regulatory compliance to the PUC in December of 2017. The Plan includes proposals to bring the Authority’s existing information technology, accounting, billing, collection, and other operating systems and procedures into compliance with the requirements of the Public Utility Code and the applicable rules, regulations, and orders of the Commission.


customer assistance program

PWSA is proud of our customer assistance program, which helps customers who need it the most with bill assistance. Customers under 150 percent of the poverty line are eligible to apply. PWSA also implemented a moratorium on shut offs during winter months.