Capital Investment

Revised Capital Plan Approved BY Board at April 2018 Board Meeting

Replaced 1900 Lead Service Lines including 450 Private Side lines by Mid-June, on track to comply with DEP Consent Order to complete 2682 by year end

MFP Upgrade for Ultraviolet Disinfection Underway, equipment ordered and other facility improvements being installed, including new surveillance system

Backup pump system for Bruecken pump station installation approved by DEP and underway. Provides backup pump and alternative power in case of electrical failures to address both public power system grid shutdowns and electrical system failures in the pump station

 Orthophosphate for lead corrosion control approved by state and design complete. Construction underway

Reconstructed West Cell of Lanpher Reservoir, East Cell reconstruction underway

Customer Service

Customer Metering Interface System allowing customer access to real time Meter readings, and alerts regarding excess usage can be set up to offer instant notification of Excess Usage

Unified Communication System to improve phone communication data access and expedite communication through PGH2O

Implementing Mobilwork to Facilitate Paperless process for service orders and records management.  Improving communications between customers, PGH2O departments and the City Coordination

Developed lead team customer service group to facilitate 2100 services installation this year


Preparing First Tariff Submittal to PUC including requisite professional testimony on the Basis of all rates and fees

Compliance Plan Required By PUC September 28 2018 to outline PGH2O’s actions to fully comply with PUC Standards, including performance Metrics

Interim Finance Director hired from Consultant to seamlessly maintain PGH2O stable financial Position. Hired experienced Budget Director and Treasurer.

First ever Finance Policies and Procedures Prepared for Board Approval.

Established Operating and Capital Lines of Credit to Coordinate with Bond Process


Hired PUC Counsel Eckart Seamans

Developing standardized easement process for existing piping network

Safety & Security

Implemented Security Details at WTP and Microfiltration Plant (MFP)

Added New Safety and Security Position Reporting to Executive Director

Updating Emergency Management Plan based upon recent trial


Community 40+ Meetings Outreach Presentations For Established Neighborhood Groups

Expanded audience for Web, Email and Social Media

Issuing RFP for New Enhanced Web Page

Established Position of Development and Business Relations Manager to Position PWSA as a Partner to the City’s Development and Business Community

Established Position for Construction Outreach Coordinator to enable close working relationships with Customers Impacted by our Capital Projects

Developmental Services Group

Development group now headed by technical services director to facilitate coordination with operations, engineering, and communications/outreach.

Field Operations

Developed in-house capability to install lead service lines using subsurface methods

Established senior manager positions to facilitate growth of all operations activities

Added to Capital Program Implementation Team to ensure On Time, On Budget

Human Resources

Hired 10 interns to facilitate MS4 Mapping project using new Tablet Style data entry system with real time viewing by Management Team.

Establishing Watermark Program (PGH2O University) to provide training and advancement opportunities to Operations Staff

Key hires in Operation, Engineering and Finance due to Domicile Waiver

Domicile Waiver only applies to about 40 positions, all in Management


Improvement to Staff Organization has increased staff performance and accountability. Established new senior management position to facilitate implementation of standard operating procedures

Major System Maintenance Activities Underway to improve treatment system performance including SCADA, filter backwash operations and clarification

Reviewing chemical treatment proposal from senior consultants to add carbon and modify filter aids to achieve optimum performance


Stormwater Program Under Development for Compliance Submittal

Ongoing Negotiations with City Departments

Developing capability for operations and maintenance of GI systems

Separate stormwater ordinances under development with City

Establishing core team to negotiate with EPA and DEP for combined sewer overflow consent order. Team will comprise PWSA senior staff and consultants

Developing Stormwater Regulations To include Fee and Defined Fee Credits


Expanded Senior Staff to include Regulatory Specialist with Local and National Experience in Water, Wastewater Compliance

Disinfection Rule Compliance Program Implementation (Compliance Date Spring 2019)

New Distribution System Flushing Program to enable chemical treatment including Orthophosphate

Renewal of MS4 Permit Requires Takeover of City DPW Neglect of Assets

Process Control Committee Comprised of Lab Manager, Operations Manager, Facilities Manager, Water Quality Manager


Negley Run/Washington Blvd GI project underway with City and USCOE to restore Negley Run Stream to the Allegheny River to reduce CSO.

Digitizing Lead Service Line Records including online public access system

Stormwater Memorandum of Understanding Has been Drafted for City Technical Review. Ongoing negotiations to finalize PGH2O and City Roles and Responsibilities

Two GI Projects to complete this construction season at Maryland Ave, Melwood Ave/Finland Ave and Hillcrest Neighborhood. These projects will manage stormwater runoff from local neighborhoods.

PGH2O Green Infrastructure Grants Program supported 12 projects completed this year.

Started Capital Project Delivery for Four Mile Run and Woods Run Stream removal projects. Working collaboratively with City, PPC, and City Parks Department. Both projects will have major impact on CSO removal, flooding, and basement backups. Total cost is more than $50 million.


Laboratory certification for all chemical and biological tests expected by June

Added GC MS to perform volatile organic chemical analysis including total trihalomethanes regulated by DEP


Updated Cogsdale Software for Customer Service and Billing Functions

Implementing Secondary Data Center to Provide Resiliency Against Equipment Failure or Cyber security issues

Installing Backup IT system at WTP to store data and operate plant when primary is affected by electrical or other malfunction


Implementing eBuilder automated Procurement System, including MWBE compliance reporting

Finalizing Procurement Standards of Practice for Board Approval


Finalizing Metrics for each department monitor overall improvement against National Metrics. Implementing Metrics in all Departments to incentive staff and management to achieve