Pittsburgh's Water Future - through 2030 and beyond


Our water, our future.

Pittsburgh’s past, and its future, are tied to water. Mayor William Peduto asked the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority to draft a 12-year plan to explain our vision for Pittsburgh’s water future, through 2030 and beyond. We welcome the opportunity to share our vision and goals, and our plans to maintain our strong financial health and infrastructure investment projects with you.

This website showcases our plans for the future, and shares some behind-the-scenes photos of water infrastructure the public doesn’t get to see every day. We even dug into our archives for some historic photos of Pittsburgh’s water history. This is our water, and our future.


Clean water

Starting with removing all lead lines in the next seven years or less, PWSA is committed to providing clean, safe, reliable drinking water to all of Pittsburgh.

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Strong financial footing

PWSA is on strong financial footing to invest more than a billion dollars in its Capital Improvement Plan.

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Innovative stormwater management

PWSA is leading the way with innovative, environmentally-friendly stormwater management and mitigation projects.

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Modernizing Sewers

Pittsburgh’s water infrastructure is more than a century old in some neighborhoods. Read about our plan to modernize our sewers.

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Road to Renewal

New infrastructure. High water quality. Reduced pollution in our rivers. PWSA is already achieving improvements, read more about them.


Our goals

Our goals include sustainable and responsible management of your water system. We commit to providing safe, reliable drinking water to all of Pittsburgh 24/7/365.

We strive to be good financial stewards and good environmental stewards. We commit to making water service accessible through our customer assistance program.

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